Sunday, October 6, 2013

EDII 02 and 03

Ground breaking and excavation have begun.  The following are photos from construction weeks 2 and 3.  Estudio Damgo students and with assistance from Core Shelter volunteers, a lot of progress has been made.  Our partnership with the City of Dumaguete has its perks.  We were able to use a backhoe and operator to dig the entire septic tank.  The hole was completely cut and removed of soil within one hour!  It's worth having equipment on-hand to take care of the big jobs.  Throughout the week, the pile of dirt was hand shoveled and dispersed throughout the site as fill for the foundation and concrete slab.  The batter boards and nylon strings are placed and we've started excavating the pedestal footings and perimeter slab footing.  Every day there is progress being made at the site, which is much needed motivation when construction tasks are strenuous, dirty and hot.

Contextualism: napping cats, strutting cocks, and a boy bouncing a ball among the bamboo homes at Core Shelter.

The pile of dirt left behind from the backhoe and septic tank excavation work.  The mound of soil looks overwhelming for a few hand shovels, but the students and volunteers reshaped the dirt around the site within two days.

 Finishing up the last humps of dirt from the big pile.

 Two Core Shelter volunteers jump into the septic tank hole to clean up the earth edges.

Showing just how crammed we are for space at the site, Efren pushes out on the chain link fence to make room for Francisco's swing while hammering the batter boards in place for staking.

Rhea is nose deep into the drawings as Francisco, Core volunteer, points out a footing detail.

Estudio Damgo team: Daryl Suasin, Cheyenne Lopez, Leigh Lagrimas, Rhea Dicen, Anna Koosmann pictured with our first local donor Chao Bacong, and Efren Torres.

Pleased to show our first local donor, Chao Bacong, around the site.

 Core president, Johna David, muscles out a pedestal footing.

Rhea and Efren confirm column center lines.  "Measure twice, cut once"... as so the construction saying goes.  I'm observing for accuracy from behind.

General site work activities. 

 The site towards the end of week 3.

"Panaghiusa" Ground Breaking

On Monday September 23, 2013 Estudio Damgo partners officially commenced the construction for the new multipurpose hall at Core Shelter, Bajumpandan with a festive and Filipino ground breaking ceremony.  Thanks to all the coordinating efforts from FU's advancement team, OFA, the Palihi dance group, Jay Cyrus Abuhuni band, SG Bank, the Creative Department, student and crew helpers, and Core Shelter dance troupes, Core Child and Beat Mazda!  The event was uplifting and memorable for the community residents and FU Estudio Damgo partners to share.

 - In memory of Leonardo Jessie Ybesate Jr. of the Palihi dance group, died two weeks after his performance for the ground breaking ceremony.  You are remembered for your talents as a dancer, makeup artist, and gracious friend.

 FU Band commences the event with a musical procession through Core Shelter neighborhood.  A native chicken proudly conducts the band ahead.

 Band leader, Jay Cyrus, smiles bright for the camera.

 The Palihi dancers performing a native and symbolic ritual blessing the site in preparation for the ground breaking.
Foundation University's Dean of Architecture, Victor (Dean) Sinco, and Mayor Chiquiting combine forces to crack the bamboo holding water, another Palihi dance ritual.
The late Leonardo performs one of the last traditional dances for the ground breaking ceremony.  I am so honored to have been in the audience that day and continue to reflect back on sitting beside him on the bus ride going to the site that morning.  I didn't know him very well, but we exchanged in polite conversation and witnessed his gentle, friendly, and positive spirit.  Leonardo was truly dedicated to his passion for dance and traditional performance, because we learn now, that he was ill during these remaining shows.  Thank you Leonardo for sharing your gifts.
 The blood from a sacrificial white chicken is a native ritual used to bless the soil for the new building.  Afterward the sacrifice, the chicken was given to Core Shelter residents to properly cook and eat.

 Estudio Damgo student leaders: Efren Torres, Daryl Suasin, Cheyenne Lopez, Leigh Lagrimas, and Rhea Dicen.

Core Shelter and FU guests watch the performance.  In this picture, Von Jovi Biala, from the first Estuiod Damgo project has been awarded one of "Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations" of the Philippines.  We believe his dedication on Estudio Damgo's Dungga Daycare demonstrated his academic leadership and excellence in being chosen for this distinguished achievement.  Estudio Damgo is thankful for your hard work and securing Php50,000 for Estudio Damgo program.  Congratulations Von Jovi Biala!

Estudio Damgo partners with William Ablong, Mayor Chiquiting, Dean Sinco,  Orlando Enguiq, and Maria Carola Alquero.

 Core Shelter dance troupe, Core Child, performs for the audience.

 Rhea Dicen speaks about the multipurpose hall.

 Core Shelter dance troupe, Beat Mazda, take the stage with electronic intensity.

 Resident children sit in front of the construction sign and observe the ceremony from the sidelines.

 Estudio Damgo partners take their shovels in hand to turn the soil for the new multipurpose hall.

Estudio Damgo partners: Ms. Alquero, Anna Koosmann, Mrs. Kadile, Johna David, Dean Sinco, the Mayor, Sir Ablong, and Captain Enguiq.

Monday, September 23, 2013

EDII - 01 mobilization

Estudio Damgo II - week 1: we are mobilizing the site at Core Shelter, Bajumpandan.  There are 27 weeks to complete the building and site work.  Major task for week 1 include: site clearing, constructing a secure tool storage, verifying property lines and benchmarks, and staking the foundation.  In just four days, we've managed to get a lot done with the help of Core Shelter volunteer residents.  One of the biggest accomplishments was moving a large stack of clay bricks off site so we can stake the foundation.  With the help of ten volunteers along side five, fifth year architecture students, the clay bricks were relocated in six hours.

Day 1: the "before" site photo.

 Core Shelter volunteers removing the plants from the site.

 The crew of 10 volunteers assist in relocating the clay bricks. 

 Core Shelter volunteers relocate the clay bricks off site.

 Forming a human chain to move the bricks.

 A volunteer neatly stacks the bricks at the new location.

 Day 2: The bricks are neatly stacked.

 Two girls eating mango slices.

 Day 3: The "after" site photo.

Day 4: Daryl and a Core Shelter volunteer secure the Galvanized Iron (GI) corrugated sheet roofing to the new secure tool storage.

 Rhea and Leigh cut reclaimed 1x2 wood stakes.

 Daryl uses a bolo knife to sharpen the points on the stakes.

Efren and a Core Shelter volunteer are tasked with untangling the nylon string for staking.

 Daryl, pictured with the Core Shelter residents at the community meeting.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mientras Tanto

Mientras Tanto, is the title of the art show at Cube Gallery in Cebu, Philippines.  It means, "in the meantime" in Visayan, the native language of Dumaguete City.  A group of seven artists from Dumaguete City have been invited to show artworks at the new gallery.  I'm delighted to be among this group to display my recent works entitled, I hear you, I see you, I feel you.  Mientras Tanto debuts September 14, 2013.  

Photographed with my artworks: I hear you, I see you, I feel you is part of the Balloon Series.  It is a meditation in art making which unveils layers of colors and shapes by removing paint from the canvas.  - Photo by Hersley-Ven Casero

Hersley-Ven Casero is another participating artist for Mientras Tanto at Cube Gallery.  His work entitled, 3,2,1 is part of the Helmet Series.  It is inspired by metro Dumaguete as the motorcycle capital of the Philippines.  The helmet is an object for protection and a reminder that we all need to protect ourselves as we direct our course in life.  We are not just numbers, but individuals with a purpose.

Progress photos for Mientras Tanto.  Several layers of painting went into these works.

The poster above, was created for a show at KRI Restaurant in Dumaguete in August.  Take Off is a group show featuring three artists: Iris Armogenia, Hersley-Ven Casero, and myself.  Several works of the Balloon Series are now displayed at a few locations around Dumaguete: at The Bean Connection - West Portal, and at Kri Restaurant.  

And mientras tanto, a collaborative work between Hersley and I, a gift for two talented musicians, Jay Cyrus and Sky Louise, from Dumaguete who are getting married (today, September 8, 2013).  It was requested by the wedding couple that we all dress up in 1920's attire.  What a fun theme for a wedding!  Mientras tanto, celebrating and enjoying life in Dumaguete City, Philippines! - Photo by Kenan Tuada

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Estudio Damgo II (EDII) - Site Survey

We're on site today to field verify property lines and determine the required set backs for the multipurpose building.  Upon strong recommendation of stakeholders and with approval of the site owner, the project has been relocated from Caritas 1 to the neighboring site at Core Shelter.  This site is owned by the City of Dumaguete and managed by the Department of Social Work and Development (DSWD).  The new site is about 2/3 the size of the original, requiring the students to rework and reduce the size of the design to match the new dimensions and site features.  This site change at this stage in our design is significant.  Even though the change in location happened a couple weeks prior to submitting permit drawings and after the approval by the community, we are relieved to cut material costs and scope of the construction.  It's better we're making such a dramatic change during the design phase, rather than being knee-deep in excavation work during the construction phase.  Design is much easier to change than physical work.

We're immediately seeing the benefits upon approaching the new site.  We discovered locally donated interlocking clay blocks!  Happy to see this generous gift, we're incorporating this material into the design for non-load bearing walls for the Toilet, or Comfort Room (CR), and Storage Room.  This material was donated as part of the relief fund efforts for typhoon Sendong by the City Counselor, Teves.

In addition to the re-do survey, we took video footage of the site and in-field interviews which will be incorporated into the promotional video for Estudio Damgo II.  Coming soon!

 Donated interlocking, clay blocks.  We're incorporating this local material into the design of the multipurpose building.  Thanks to City Councelor, Teves.

 Surveying in action.  Students are wearing the new Estudio Damgo II t-shirts.

 Leigh is assisting the field measurements.  She's crouching in the present day garden at Core Shelter, soon to be the location for the aquaponics.

Fifth year student, Rhea Dicen, is being interviewed by FU's Creative Department.

A site photo series: images of Core Shelter resident flood survivors from typhoon Sendong. - by Herlsey-Ven Casero   (see more images like these here - CAM photos)