Friday, May 9, 2014

One Last Visit to the Multipurpose Hall

It's been over a month since the ribbon cutting ceremony and graduation.  The final photos are taken during my last visit to check over remaining punch-list items and follow up with Core Shelter residents before returning to the States.  It is humbling to approach the neighborhood and find residents gathered around the front steps playing and cooling off in the shade.  I've heard comments from neighbors how proud they are of the new building, and it is evident in only one month, there have been home improvements made within the community.  This is a positive sign that Core Shelter will take care of the building which will hopefully lend to positive social improvements in the area.  The building will be officially used by the community at the end of May 2014, for two, full-day training seminars with the social worker.  - Photos Courtesy of Hersley-Ven Casero

Read the latest news from Dumaguete's local paper Metropost, A Tale of 2 Buildings.

Children gather on the front stoop to play games as night falls upon Core Shelter community.

The lights accentuate the bamboo structure and roof form serving as a neighborhood landmark.

Over 300 intricate joinery connections shape the roof form.

The house across from the multipurpose has put up a bamboo fence, cleaning up the exterior appearance and defines the property edge.  Also, a newly constructed covered entry is a "front porch" that will give "eyes to the street" and a secure watch over the multipurpose hall.  These are positive signs that the community will take pride in the building and hopefully lend to positive social improvements within the area.

There are four folding bamboo and steel doors that fully open for an approachable and inclusive use of interior spaces.

The roof overhangs shade the building and the site during the day.  The roof shape and open plan is designed to catch breezes by drawing the air up and through, reducing the inside temperature significantly from the outside.