Saturday, January 26, 2013

Estudio Damgo - Week 9

This week we are back onsite at Malaunay.  The main tasks of the day are to finish the digging of the septic tank, cement plaster finish the hallow block walls, and assemble the form-work for the rammed earth wall.  The soil from the septic tank is transferred to tarps to sort out the larger stones from the dirt, the dirt is then dried in the sun to be used as the aggregate for the rammed earth mixture.

Efren assists Cheyenne, Leigh, and Rhea by lifting the bags of dirt from the septic tank hole.  The excavation is near complete.  This is the biggest man-dug hole (by shovel) I've ever witnessed.  Good job team!

Von is separating the stones from the dirt, so that we can use the soil as the aggregate to the rammed earth cement.

Rick, Jay, and Efren form the rammed earth wall which will be ready to pour the following day.

One of Foundation University's shop guys is cement plastering the Comfort Room (CR) interior wall.
Comfort Room is what Filipino's call the restroom/water closet back in the states.

Ray demonstrates how to remove a nail properly without wrecking the hammer or denting the board.

Form work is in place for the rammed earth pour.  We are using a 6:1 ratio of 6 parts dirt to 1 part cement.

Students hard at work.

Ray, Rick, and Cheyenne take a break from construction and discuss the door details for the building.  As part of the Estudio Damgo requirements, each student is responsible for detailing and managing a portion of the design which is divided into the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) standard format.  In this case, Cheyenne is responsible for Division 8 of CSI - Openings; which includes windows and doors.

The school is set in the rural foothills of Negros Island.  The hallow block wall is erected at the edge of the existing school play yard creating a distinct boundary and edge in this rural setting.  No need for a chain-link fence, because the building serves as a fence to the play yard.  

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