Friday, February 8, 2013

Estudio Damgo - Week 11

This week the tinik bamboo has been delivered to the Foundation campus tool shop where the students cut and assemble it into trusses.  There are a total of three trusses to transport to the site with the dump truck.  The butong bamboo columns have already been set in place on site, and are temporarily held together by re-bar until thru-bolts are fastened.  It is always exciting to see the form of the building take shape in the 'z' dimension!  The students can now appreciate what can be accomplished with good planning, detailing, and the hard work.
We used a jig to assemble the tinik truss, making sure that our angles and cuts were precise and able to be repeated for three trusses.

Three trusses are loaded into the dump truck along with workers and students.  It's a full truck going to the site today!

Bamboo columns are standing tall above concrete pedestals.  Trusses lay on the side waiting to be installed. 

Re-bar holds the butong bamboo columns in place before they are thru-bolted.

Workers set the tinik bamboo beams.

Using bamboo nails, the beams are secured into place by a 45 degree miter corner, cantilevered beyond the columns.

Working overhead, Rick (a fifth year senior) directs the crew on placing the first truss.

Below ground, Jay and the students work on walling in the septic tank with hollow blocks.

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