Monday, October 26, 2015

Estudio Damgo IV: Welcome Center at Dumaguete City Port Terminal

Estudio Damgo's fourth project: a Welcome Center at Dumaguete City's Port Terminal.  Renderings courtesy of Foundation University's Department of Architecture

After several design reviews with the Philippine Port Authority, Foundation University Estudio Damgo's fourth project for a Welcome Center is approved.  Fifth year architecture students have finalized the design just as the first semester closes.  It is currently semester break and Estudio Damgo students are putting together their last set of drawings and construction details for the City of Dumaguete and the Port Authority for construction.

I've been involved on Estudio Damogo IV's project since August, when I returned as a Fulbright Scholar and consultant for the program.   The Welcome Center was well underway when I came on board.  Student's had already performed the research and secured their partnership with the Philippine Port Authority.  They prepared a conceptual master plan for Dumaguete's Port Terminal and a schematic design for the proposed Welcome Center.  The master plan is divided into phases: the Welcome Center is part of the Phase 1 efforts to improve the port and serve as a gateway landmark for visitors.  The Dumaguete Port is the largest port in Negros Oriental and provides travelers a first impression to the province.  Dumaguete City is the capitol of Negros Oriental and it is known as "U-town" because it hosts 7 universities and colleges, and it serves as one of the largest student population in the Central Vasayas outside of metro Manila.

Foundation University's architecture students will be putting their mark on a prominent site in Dumaguete City with the proposed Welcome Center.  A chance to showcase innovation in design using local materials derived from Filipino culture and unique to Dumaguete, is a rare opportunity for students and for the Filipino community to witness.  This is an ideal site to feature Foundation University's emerging architecture program, at the port's front door and "city of gentle people".        

View the links to see the proposal and a flyover of the site.

View from the water

View from the port gateway

Interior view

Foundation University Estudio Damgo IV team members with Philippine Port Authority engineers.  Owner's review for the Welcome Center at Dumaguete Center Port Terminal.

Estudio Damgo team members and the Port Authority engineers discuss the design for the proposed Welcome Center.

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