Monday, November 9, 2015

Foundation University's Spirit of Bayanihan

Foundation University workers dismantle the platform from collapsed floating pyramid. - Photos courtesy of Hersley Casero
In less than a week, Foundation University workers went to the wreckage site of the collapsed floating pyramid.  Demonstrating the spirit of bayanihan, (a Filipino term referring to a community that comes together to accomplish a great task) 15 workers joined together to tow in the remaining platform and clear the debris washed ashore over the past week.  On Saturday the crew, led by Zorich Guia, the record architect, and Julie Mayoga, Estudio Damgo alumnus, borrowed an inflatable boat to determine the condition of the seaflex anchoring system and the remaining floating platform.  The crew checked all areas of the collapsed structure.  A volunteer diver who worked on the project, looked at the condition under the water and discovered that one of the ropes tied to the seaflex anchor had been severed from an unknown cause.  Above, it appeared the platform broke in two at a construction joint; one of the halves drifted ashore by the force of the waves, the other half stayed anchored to the seaflex.  After determining this, the crew set out on Sunday to tow in the platform and cleanup the debris that continued to wash ashore.  The fish wardens will dive later to take up the seaflex still anchored to the seabed floor.

At the end of the day, it is in the spirit of bayanihan and those returning faces lending a hand in the cleanup, that will be remembered by the community.  It is in the attitudes and dedication, like returning Estudio Damgo alumnus, Julie Mayoga, that reflects back on Foundation University's program saying,

"It's for everybody, I'm doing it on behalf of the Estudio Damgo 3 team that in despite of what had happened we're still committed to our beneficiaries, the barangay, and to the community for a long term partnership." - Julie Mayoga

The cleanup crew in the spirit of bayanihan. - Photos courtesy of Hersley Casero
Zorch Guia, Efren Disor, and two workers atop the floating platform, secure the ropes to tow ashore.
I (Anna Koosmann) assist the end of the human chain to fight the waves while towing in the platform.

Jumping to action, a man leaps from shore to assist the crew.

The spirit of bayanihan.
Platform arrives intact with workers guiding the efforts.
15 workers quickly dismantle the platform to haul off site.
The crew chips away at the platform.

Worker hands off a bamboo pole to Efren Disor.
Hauling off blue barrels that once were tied to the underside of the platform.
Workers swiftly take apart the platform.
A resident from the fishing community grabs an axe to pitch in.
Julie Mayoga, Estudio Damgo alumnus, and I (Anna Koosmann) team up to clear the wreckage from the beach.
All the washed-up mahogany ready to be hauled off site.
Zorich Guia holds up the severed rope that once secured the platform to the anchoring system.
Looking at three, intact ropes and rubber chords that held the platform to the anchoring system.
Zorich Guia, Efren Disor, and Nong Corro suits up to dive the wreckage site.

A mid-morning break, the workers cook up a pot of rice on the beach with canned sardines to keep their energy up for the rest of the cleanup.
Foundation University workers hauling away the blue barrels from the site.

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