Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Living Accomodations

Foundation University was generous enough to arrange my living accommodation at the Alumni House (or Balay Sa Alumni).  The house is located one, narrow street north of the main campus.  Only a short walk to where I will be teaching, this arrangement is the most convenient choice considering my short stay.
The house is nestled next to Foundation Elementary and High School buildings, and to the west, a lively karaoke bar, where all the greatest ballads are put to the test by dedicated and true karaoke enthusiasts!  It's normal to hear one of Balay Sa Alumni's Filipino caretakers confidently practicing her next heartfelt, karaoke favorite while she's going about her daily routine.  I applaud her audacity!

 Inside, the house has a working office in the front, for the Balay Sa Alumni's director. There are four rooms that can be rented for a few hundred Philippine pesos per night.  My room is the first one from the office area, directly off a central dining space and opposite the galley kitchen.  The place is kept very clean, because of the onsite staff.  They wipe the floors down when they are dusty and the bathrooms are washed down about every other day.  It's been nice to have this service, as I'm still settling into this new city, climate, and all the cultural differences that can put a wrench in mundane chores.


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