Saturday, October 27, 2012


One of the other residents at Balay Sa Alumni is a Japanese art instructor who teaches pottery and sculpture.  Most everyone I run into who asks me where I am staying, immediately exclaim, "ooooh with Takeshi-san? - lucky you".  This comment is almost always accompanied with a little smirk.  Apparently Takeshi has made a lasting impression on the Foundation staff and instructors, for better or worse.  He is an expressive fellow, who typically has a comment about what types of bread or vegetable to buy and at which market.  He prides himself with "knowing" the better ways of maneuvering the city to suit his needs.  With that being said, he's been a very generous and informative person to share the common spaces with.  Typically, when we are both in the kitchen making our separate dinners, he will offer me part of what ever he is cooking.  I'm not sure if this gesture is an act of kindness due to the humble meal I just cooked, or if it is just part of his cultural make up.  Either way, he was happy to share his yogurt making recipe with me.  With this exchange, I can now start making my own yogurt!  I'm really excited for this because it was something I wanted to try while living here.  Thanks Takeshi-san!
Takeshi explains his most recent work, a clay sculpture, to Ray.

Takeshi's art studio.  This is a new building located about 50 meters away from the back door of Balay Sa Alumni.  Takeshi insists that we drop in and work with clay sometime.  I will take him up on this.

The front door to Takeshi's art studio.  The building envelope is a well-ventilated system of bamboo.

Takeshi's scrolled poetry, written in traditional Japanese bushed ink characters.  This was a beautiful surprise as I entered the house the other day.

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