Monday, November 19, 2012

Estudio Damgo - Support a Sustainable Cause

We have reached our fundraising goal!

From all of us at Estudio Damgo, we are thankful for your generous support.  The following is a message of gratitude from Amy and Ray:

Can it really only have been two weeks??

...But here we are - only TWO WEEKS into the campaign - and we have already received $3,800 from friends and family all over, with more donations coming in.  This - coupled with our incredible MATCHING DONOR - means Malaunay is getting her daycare (complete with new furniture)!!  And Year2 Estudio Damgo funding is already underway... Wow.

It is humbling and touching and incredible to see our widespread network come together so quickly.  Even those of you with whom we haven't spoken in years, and those who may not even know us personally, but you saw a good thing happening in the Philippines and wanted to help.  All we needed to do was ask.  Thank you, thank you - we could never say it enough.

Amy & Ray

'Tis the season to be thankful and nurture gifts from the heart.  In light of the holidays, Estudio Damgo is asking for your gift to support the construction of the daycare which is scheduled to be substantially complete by March 2013.  The estimated material costs are around $8,500 (or 350,000 Philippine pesos).  Currently, we have raised about $1,000 (or PHp43,000) $3,500 (PHp145,000).  Please go to the donation site (click on the button at the top of this page) to help offset costs for building materials, fuel our trucks, and lunches for students and volunteers who are working hard to complete this project.  We have an anonymous patron who will be matching all donations; which means if 150 75 people donate as little as $25, we've covered our costs. There is an option to donate tax deductible through the website starting Monday, November 26.

This is an exemplary project on many levels.  Foremost, Estudio Damgo is building a daycare to support the needs of a rural community.  With this pioneering design-build opportunity the project promotes honest design and craft for public welfare and demonstrates that architecture can be a service for the 99%.  This is especially critical in the Philippines, where these concepts are less practiced.  

The Estudio Damgo is a pilot program for teaching architecture students a skill set different from traditional architecture studios where students learn by doing; which means they have to work out the details on a real project.  Also, students walk away with a foundation in community and sustainable design that will ultimately have a rippling affect towards the greater, public good.

Thank you for all the positive feedback to this blog! I've really enjoyed sharing my story with you and hope you will continue reading.  Thank you in advanced for your generous gift.  Warm wishes this holiday season.

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