Sunday, December 2, 2012

Estudio Damgo - Week 3 and 4

Mobilizing, digging, and site work are ongoing.  Each week, issues surrounding site access continue to challenge our team.  Week three, the drivers decided to tow a trailer to transport the remaining pile of hollow blocks up to the site.  We had to make several trips, each maneuvering off road conditions to get the blocks as close to the site area.  After we made the trips, the students returned to Foundation University in the afternoon to fill bags of gravel and sand to prep the concrete grout mixture for next week's block laying.

We're seeing a great deal of progress at week four.  Concrete block footings are about 50% complete, re-bar is getting tied into place, and the back fill is nearly complete.  The septic tank is about halfway excavated.  We have had a number of volunteers doing their part to shovel out the tank.  About 2 meters deep is required and we're now sitting at 1.3 meters below ground.  

 FU students fill bags of gravel and sand for next week's laying concrete block work.
Afterward students take a break from construction and coordinate detail sketches.  Each student is responsible for detailing part of the building which is organized by Constructions Specification Institute divisions or CSI.
 Ray helps Efren to calculate the amount of re-bar for the concrete slab and hollow block wall.

 Hollow blocks
 Efren and Rick mixing the concrete grout mixture for the hollow blocks.
Rick and the foreman, Jay, layup the hollow block perimeter footings.
The elementary students jump into the hole to help dig out the septic tank, enthusiastically impersonating the Estudio Damgo team.
Daryl builds a tool made of scrap wood to help spread the back fill which was excavated from the septic tank.

At the end of the construction day, Daryl entertains the elementary children with his magic tricks, while the rest of us take respite and drink hot Nescafe (Filipino instant coffee) in the shade.  Below, the driver and Rick share in a relaxed smile while sipping their warm drinks.

The construction site at the end of week four, getting ready for concrete slab to be poured next week.


  1. Maayo! Looks like you guys are making great progress!
    Keep up the good work, mmk?

  2. is this a house made by Phil Building Code ?

  3. Hello Stephan, Thank you for leaving a comment on this blog. The building construction pictured is a daycare pre-K classroom for a public elementary school located in Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines. The building was designed and constructed to Philippine building code standards.