Friday, March 1, 2013

The HA-experiment Gallery Debut and Housewarming

February was densely packed with events every week, keeping me spinning in all directions.  I kicked off the month with the HA? Project in Bais City, meanwhile rehearsing for the Vagina Monologues and performing on stage and dancing for One Billion Rising for Valentine's Day. As a teacher and bike advocate, I organized a bike rack design competition during the Dumaguete Exposition, and to wrap up this busy month I opened my new residence to debut the HA? Experiment.

In January, the university gave me the opportunity to move out of my current residence at Balay Sa Alumni, and relocate to the university housing condominiums called, Greyhound Village.  This move came along with the commitment to lead the next Estudio Damgo design/build project, signing onto a full year to live and teach in the Philippines.

My new home is located about 6km from Dumaguete business core and inland from the coast.  It's higher in elevation and more rural setting where there are breezes to catch and less noise from pedicabs and the bustle of city life.  Being a country girl at heart, I love the natural surroundings of bamboo, palms, grass, and listening to the birds.  At night I get a very clear view of the star-filled sky.  It's peaceful to come home after a busy day of teaching and the heat, noise and congestion in Dumaguete.

Because the house is a two-story, two bedroom unit, there is more than enough space for my limited belongings.  It's the largest space I've ever lived in on my own without other renters.    The layout makes it a perfect space to live/work.  In this case, I'm teaming up with Hersley-Ven Casero to create a working art studio and exhibition space where we will have a gallery opening every-other month.  Hersley and I have coined this the HA? Experiment.

On February 28, the HA? Experiment debuted Hersley and my first art works created for the HA? Experiment.  We had nearly 20 friendly patrons visit the house that night.  Hersley's uncle, brother and cousin played drums, flute, and other hand crafted instruments filling the house with a earthy beat and adding an invigorating element to the party!  I am very excited about these developments with this new home and art exploration.
Me, standing in the kitchen doorway.  Candles light the windowsill to the kitchen creating an extra glowing dimension welcoming the guests to the debut of the HA? Experiment.  - Photo by Zydore

Everyone gets a turn to drum and dance!  Hersley's uncle, Nicky takes the lead on the drum, pictured far left. - Photo by Zydore

Nicky keeping the rhythm seated in front of Hersley's end of year five panel art work, "The Wind" series. - Photo by Hersley-Ven Casero

Zydore, Nicky, neighbor Carlo, and Jia keep in time.  A balloon landscape painting backdrop is my work-in-progress.  The modern, clean contemporary lines of the condominium space screams gallery space!  High ceilings and white walls encourage large and colorful art works!  - Photo by Hersley-Ven Casero

Girlfriends all pile in the second bedroom and installation room "Room No. 1".  Hersley's "Helmet" series playfully bounce about the wall behind. - Photo by Hersley-Ven Casero

One last all-over shot of the main floor space serving as gallery.  It was a very warm gathering and art opening!  Thanks everyone. - Photo by Hersley-Ven Casero

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