Monday, April 1, 2013

Estudio Damgo Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Week 19

On Monday, March 25 Estudio Damgo presented the newly constructed Dungga Daycare to the Baranguay captain and community of Malaunay.  There were nearly 100 guests who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.  Speeches by the Dean of Department of Architecture and fifth year students, Rick and Von, opened the ceremony, followed by an introductory speech by instructor Ray Villanueva.  The building was blessed by the Baranguay priest and a prayer procession through the daycare.  After, everyone enjoyed a feast of lechon, pancit, and rice.

 Ribbon tied and ready for cutting.

 Sir Dean Sinco, Dean of the Department of Architecture stands outside looking into admire the interior finishes.

Fifth year thesis student, Rick, shares his experience working on the first design/build program.  Half of his speech is in English and the other (more emotional half) is in Basayan, his native language.

Sir Dean commemorates the project.

Baranguay priest prepares for the ribbon cutting.

Instructor Ray Villanueva giving an emotional speech.

The road to the daycare is remote, bumpy, narrow, and steep because it's located in the mountains.  This left a lasting impression for artist, Hersley-Ven Casero, to paint the experience of riding in the dump truck up to the site.  At the event, Hersley encouraged the children of Malaunay to draw pictures over the painting with crayons, illustrating their dreams.  He then presented this painting to Ray and Amy Villanueva as a gift for establishing the Estudio Damgo design/build studio.
Even the president of Foundation University, Mira Sinco, drew a picture of a daisy to add to the "dreams" on the painting.

 Hersley presents the painting to Ray and Amy.

Fourth year students gather to share funny stories in their native language.  For all those who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony it goes to show how many people it takes to build a small building, but at the same time it shows how many this small building impacts.  This was a great pilot project for the inauguration of the design/build studio in the Philippines.  This day marks a close to this project, yet it also marks the beginning of my new role as the lead instructor for the next design/build studio.  Progress is underway to procuring the next project.

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