Monday, April 22, 2013

Flat Stella Visits Dumaguete

Every year, when my sister's children turn age 7 and enter second grade they read the story, Flat Stanley.  The character in the story travels all around the world.  As part of the story's teaching, the children are required to draw and color their own versions of a Flat Stanley or Stella and mail it to a distant relative or friend who will take pictures with the paper character in that new place.  After, Flat Stanley or Stella is returned to the owner along with the pictures for the child to present to the class.  It's been a fun assignment. This is my third time receiving a Flat Stanley/Stella, and this time I was able to tour Dumaguete City.  The best part about the assignment is that I feel like I'm hanging out with my niece for a couple of days.  The following images are what I sent back to my niece for her assignment.

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