Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's More Fun in the Philippines!

While American's enjoy the peak of summer break, Filipino students return back to school for a new academic year.  Foundation University started classes on June 13 and we are well into the new school year.  To make school more fun and to take advantage of living on a tropical island, the Department of Architecture and Fine Arts (DAFA) hold an annual sand sculpture competition to explore the basics of material science in three dimensions.  The challenge is to team up to create a sculpture using only sand, water, and beach tools.  Students are eliminated if any castles or castle-like forms are made.  This year, students were asked to create sculptures based on FU's theme, "What are you waiting for?".  Many showed characters striving to a top of a mountain or open books with positive images for success in their academic studies.  As an instructor of DAFA, I was a judge for the competition.  It was a fun day in the sun, and even more fun to get dirty with my fellow colleagues to make our own version for the event.  This type of beach activity is what separates the Philippines from the US in academics.  It's more fun in the Philippines!

-Photos by FU's Creative Department

All lined up for the start of the sand sculpture competition.  It was cooler to have our feet in the water while the announcements were made.

Only basic tools were used to make the sculptures.  This student made a watering can out of a plastic bag.

One of FU's resident artists, Takeshi-san offers some advice to a team of Fine Art Students.

 I am among two other DAFA instructors judging the competition.

Working on our version, a unicorn leaping through a ring of fire adorned with seashells and rocks.

Group photo of the DAFA instructors.

Hurry - the tide is coming in!  This sculpture of a swimmer is returning back to the sea with the incoming tide.

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