Monday, February 10, 2014

EDII - Bamboo Purlins - Week 21

Only six weeks left until graduation.  We're shaping up and have made a lot of progress shrinking the gap in our construction schedule; from four weeks behind, to two weeks.  The biggest tasks on site are finalizing the bamboo truss and roof framing and securing all the joints.  The bamboo purlins are almost fully installed.  The structure is getting fastened with bamboo pegs, nylon, and non-slip epoxy at all the joints.  After this work is complete, we'll tie all the joints with ratan for additional strength and for aesthetics.  Other work include filling in the grout at the brick wall and welding and painting steel doors frames for the folding doors.

The shape of the building is taking form now that the bamboo purlins are getting installed over the roof trusses and beams.  It is common to see the kids at Core Shelter playing around the job site.  Some of the kids even mimic the workers like cutting up bamboo scraps with their dull knives or pretend knives made of sticks.

Four workers fitting and pegging the network of bamboo structure.  It's a bit dizzying to look at from this angle.... but once it's all in place and the temporary poles and scaffold are removed, it will have a more orderly appearance.

Joseph fills the joints with non-slip epoxy.  This will be covered with ratan.  Last week, Joseph was rushed to the Emergency Room when the electric hand saw slipped and cut through his left shoulder.  He is now recovering and doing light work while his shoulder heals.  We've been fortunate to only have one accident on our job.

Bamboo pegs marching up the roof purlins.

A worker dedicates his morning to making the bamboo pegs.

A close up photo of stripping and shaping the bamboo pegs.

Student leaders, Rhea and Leigh, stay behind the scenes and out from under the overhead bamboo work, to finish the ongoing grout work at the brick wall.

Daryl spends his day at the North Campus shop welding, cutting, and putting the first coats of primer paint on the steel folding door frames.  There are 18 total door frames on the project. - photos courtesy Hersley-Ven Casero

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