Wednesday, March 12, 2014

EDII - Week 26

This is the final push for the fifth year architecture students to complete the multipurpose hall in time for graduation, just two weeks away.  The students are feeling the pressure and are working overtime 7-days a week and into the late hours.  Over the past month, most of the work has been finishing the bamboo structure, which is finally 100% installed.  Now, the galvanized iron (GI) roof is being fastened to the structure with an "amakon" underlay that will insulate the interior from the heat given off by the roof.  Other major work is fabricating the folding bamboo doors at the North Shop.  We finally have doors ready for install at the site.  Ongoing work includes laying the clay tile floor, tying ratan or "uway" around the bamboo joints, and bending metal roof gutters and installing fascia board.  The unfinished work list is extensive, but we're expecting to have the major construction work complete for the ribbon cutting ceremony planned for March 25, 2014.  No doubt there will be work to finish after the ribbon cutting, but the community will soon be able to use the building.  Better to be slightly behind schedule, than hasting to make waste.

There are a lot of people on site today.

Foundation University's Dean of Agriculture and his student take down the bunkhouse.

Ratan, or "uway", is used to finish the bamboo joints.

Three workers install the fascia board.

Making sure that the angles are cut correctly and align with the roof pitch.

A worker takes a brief break, leaning against the bamboo purlins, while waiting to install the next fascia board.

At the North Shop, first year architecture students help out with the folding doors sanding the wood trim.

Students clean the bamboo strips by cutting off the rough nodes.  The strips are woven as a screen for the doors.

Student leaders, Rhea and Daryl prepare the folding door for installation at the site.

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