Sunday, March 23, 2014

EDII - Week 27: Wrapping It Up

Wrapping it all up.  Week 27 marks the final week before graduation.  Finishes are major priority: bamboo structure is getting the final clear coat, black enamel paint finish at metal frames, and finish paint at the concrete walls.  Electrical is being installed.  Plumbing fixtures are finally in and CR tiles are grouted.  It's getting there.  Students are happy to see the light at the end of this tunnel.

 Afternoon, western light casts down on the site.  The roof is finally done. 

Folding doors are almost fully installed.

 Our roof makes quite a statement, projecting out past the building walls to meet the adjacent neighbors.  Many of the passers-by stop to admire the building. 

Finishing the metal frames at the folding bamboo doors with black enamel.  The black trims out the building nicely against the warmer tones of natural materials.

All the materials are getting their final coat of finish.  Here a worker is putting a clear finish on the bamboo structure.

Rhea demonstrates the sliding door.

Rhea approves the final touches at the flooring.  Core Shelter residents donated 27 ceramic tiles to the project.  Each tile symbolizes 27 weeks of construction.  Two of the selected tiles will be located at the main space.

The other donated tiles have been randomly grouted to the interior of the CR. The arrangement makes for a playful interior.  

Daryl and Leigh saw cut a bamboo pendant light fixture.

Three of the pendant light fixtures, rough cut and unfinished.

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