Friday, December 21, 2012

Estudio Damgo - Week 7

The concrete slab has been poured and is 100% complete.  Remaining on schedule, we can go into the holiday break feeling confident about the progress made so far on the new daycare classroom.  This week, the back wall, made of hollow concrete blocks is being set with concrete grout mixture.  Slowly, one block at a time, the forms are extruding into a building.

Here an existing tree on site required us to form a notch out of the corner of the concrete footprint.  This solution may not have been the best choice, considering the building is still very close to the tree roots and drip line, which may cause the tree to eventually be crowded out.  The tree should be removed and replanted.

 Foreman Jay and Al layup the concrete block wall to the Comfort Room (CR) or toilet room.

 Rick, the driver, and Von assemble the metal bracket and re-bar frames for the column pedestals.

While we were working on site, the elementary school students and teachers were having a Christmas party gathering.  Some of the parents made "dirty" mango ice cream.  It's called "dirty" because it is homemade, and not store bought.  Here one of the parents is scooping me a good size serving of this fresh and tasty treat.  We will return to the site after the New Year, starting January 7, 2013.

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