Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Night with Eve Ensler

A night with Eve Ensler; writer/artist/feminist/activist and creator of the "Vagina Monologues" was the guest of honor at Arlene Delloso-Uypitching's Christmas party this past Tuesday.  We were all thrilled to share an evening with the spirited artists, feminists, and "witches" of Dumaguete!  The night was full of primal drumming and fire dancing.  After we danced our hearts out, we all gathered in a huge group to embrace hold the space allowing positive energy to flow between everyone!  It was quite unexpected, though I felt at home with the group honoring female wisdom and mother earth.  I just thank the universe for these moments, to share with like-minded and spirited individuals and being part of a whole where the practice of intention is happening all over the world!  I'm so blessed to be a part of it globally.  A great homecoming!  And of course all of my sisters were there dancing alongside me.  Happy holidays everyone!  :)

 Group photo taken by Hersley-Ven Casero.

Dancing with Eve Ensler and Hersley.  Eve wears the colorfully beaded, vulva wrap skirt, which was presented to her that evening by one of the guests.  Photo taken by RV.

Fire dancers show off for the crowd and announce Eve's arrival.

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